I wanted to thank you guys for all of the work you put into getting my loan approved. I always hear about how stressful the loan process is for people, but I did not feel any of that stress in my first home buying experience, thanks to all of you.
All of you were extremely professional, friendly, and honestly made it enjoyable. The closing and down payment assistance loans were unbelievable as well! The whole deal almost seemed too good to be true.
Many of my friends have already come to me asking me how I bought a house since they will be looking to do the same in the next few years. I will make sure to convey to them that Hawkins Home Loans is their best option if they want a great chance of securing a loan for a home. I will also be looking to purchase more homes in the near future and will undoubtedly request your assistance again.
Thank you all for your support throughout this process!