Why You Should Buy a New Home Before Selling Your Old One

Generally, the main process that people follow when transitioning between or upgrading their homes is that they’re required to sell their old home first before qualifying for a new mortgage. 

From a practical perspective, the “unload to reload” approach is a prerequisite because of how rules traditionally dictate a need to offload old property before purchasing a new listing. However, the fact of the matter is that that this isn’t necessarily the most practical approach because of three key reasons: 

  1. The home selling process is painstakingly lengthy
  2. It can be hard to live without a home during the transition between properties (and it is impractical as well)
  3. Depending on the real estate market of the area where a home is located and the asking price, it can be difficult to find buyers for a home in time to qualify for a mortgage and close a deal quickly

Taking all the above-mentioned factors into consideration, you may be wondering if it’s possible to sell your home while purchasing a new property so that you can qualify for a mortgage. Fortunately, it is very much possible to ease your transition between homes by enlisting the services of a professional like Hawkins Home Loans to help you buy a house before selling! 

When It Pays to Buy a House Before Selling Your Old One

The applicability of buying a property before offloading an old one, more often than not, is one that greatly depends on the situation that is afoot. To give you a better idea of when the best time to reload before unloading is, here are some situations where such an approach can best flourish: 

The Deal Is Too Good to Wait On

In today’s ever-thriving real estate market where sweet deals can fly off the shelves in an instant, it pays to have a quick draw when buying property. But, for most people, this is impossible because of money, as a lack of funding can make the difference between being able to close a transaction or missing out completely. 

If you’re looking at a property that has a great price tag and is ready to be sold and transferred quickly, then it’s clear that you’ll need to act fast. In situations like these, it’s optimal to find your footing in a hot market by applying for a mortgage before selling your old home—which will allow you to make a bet that will flourish if you can afford two payments for a short period. 

You’re in a Seller’s Market

Whenever one finds themselves in a seller’s market, purchasing property can make for an especially challenging task because of the conditions that lower supply yields. 

For buyers such as yourself, what this setting means is that the listings you’re looking at are bound to sell fast—leaving you vulnerable to losing listings to other buyers. In situations like these, it’s optimal to follow a buy-before-you-sell scenario before all else because it will make it much easier to close a deal quickly without needing to wait on a lengthy sale process.


When it comes to buying real estate, there are moments wherein selling an old home before upgrading to a new one is no longer an old option because of the conditions involved. By keeping the key situations or examples mentioned above in mind, you’ll be able to easily determine if you’re better off following a buying-before-selling approach or not! 

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